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Sioux Indian Guard

ca. 1858 -- 1860
Medium: Watercolor on paper
Owner: The Walters Art Museum
Catalogue Number: 338A
Subjects: camp, horses, Indians, Sioux Indians



ca. 1837
Medium: Watercolor with touches of white on paper
Owner: Texas Tech University
Catalogue Number: 396
Subjects: horses, Indians


Indians Watering their Horses

ca. 1850
Medium: Oil on wood panel
Owner: Philbrook Museum of Art and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
Catalogue Number: 437B
Subjects: horses, Indians, lake, mountains


[Indians watering their horses]

ca. 1840
Medium: Watercolor and gouache on paper
Owner: Bancroft Library
Catalogue Number: 438B
Subjects: camp, horses, Indians, river


Indian Scout

ca. 1851
Medium: Oil on canvas
Owner: The Denver Public Library
Catalogue Number: 395C
Subjects: Caravan, horses, Indians


Shoshoni Indians

ca. 1860s
Medium: Oil on wood panel
Owner: Bancroft Library
Catalogue Number: 410A
Subjects: horses, Indians, river, Shoshone Indians